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Are you in search of professional touch for your sofa? Then this is made for you. Just like your household curtains and clothes, your sofa also needs constant cleaning for it to always maintain its fresh and new look. As the years go by, your sofas become dirty due to dust settlement and stains. Our professional cleaning techniques such as the hot water extraction technique are the right way for restoring the sofa’s new look.

High Lite facility Management should be your number one choice for all your professional sofa cleaning services in Riyadh. Our services leave your sofas, cushions, chairs, couches, and all your other types of furniture, as good as new. We are well-equipped with machines and experienced workers to give you nothing but the best sofa cleaning services around Saudi Arabia. With the use of well-tested techniques, our services give your fabrics the gentle care it needs. For clean and fresh home furniture, call our office now.

Professional Sofa Cleaners in Riyadh

With High Lite facility Management, you are assured of genuine and long-lasting professional techniques. Our workers are well trained and experienced in the provision of top-quality cleaning services. With a vast collection of experiences and a reputation in sofa cleaning, your furniture is in the right place. Our deep cleaning services in Riyadh are what your sofa needs now.

Our Sofa Cleaning Process

01. Schedule

Give us a call and our customer service team will guide you throughout the scheduling process. If you want a one-day sofa cleaning in Riyadh service or an emergency deep cleaning service for your sofa.

02. Equipment

On the specified day and time, a well-experienced professional with all the equipment will arrive at your address.

03. Inspection

The professional will check the fabric of your sofa, the degree of stains and the intensity of any stains before finalising an effective cleaning method for it.

04. Result

Your sofa will be cleaned using the best chemicals and the right method leaving your sofa revitalised, odor-free, stain-resistant and as good as new.

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Expert sofa cleaning service in Riyadh applicable to all fabric types

High Lite facility Management is a leading name in Riyadh when it comes to sofa cleaning and our team of experienced cleaners can handle any type of sofa. We use advanced technologies to clean couches, chairs, curtains, drapes, and anything else upholstered. We employ the most up-to-date sofa cleaning methods and choose which one to use based on the fabric type of your sofa, which can include silk, Haitian cotton, velour, brushed corduroy, leather, and more.

Dry sofa cleaning is advised for leather and fragile materials. In any case, assuming your sofa is constructed of synthetic fibres, we can clean it with hot water extraction. Regardless of the cleaning method, you’ll receive a high-quality sofa treatment which will prevent your fabrics from future stains like ink, shoe polisher, blood, red wine, crayons, and much more.

Remember: You can combine sofa cleaning with carpet cleaning or any other house cleaning services Riyadh and take advantage of our exclusive discounts and promotions.

How does our steam sofa cleaning services Riyadh work?

The hot water extraction method is a well-tested technique for sofa cleaning. We apply special detergents for individual types of stains. After the pre-treatment of the stain, our experts inject water into the fabric of the sofa. This helps get rid of the settled dust. We can suck out the hot water from the sofa with the use of our suction machine. After this procedure, your sofa will look and feel fresh, odourless, and be as good as new.


Some stains are permanent and can’t be removed by professional techniques. Some stains become deep-seated if you try to clean them on your own. Such fabrics cannot be revived with our cleaning services.

Dry sofa cleaning in Riyadh for your most delicate furniture

The following methods help in the prevention of discolouration of your sofa’s fabric:

Dry solvent cleaning: This is designed for extremely sensitive materials and contains no water. A powdered solvent is applied to the cloth, which acts like a magnet on a microscopic level, attracting all dust and debris.

Dry foam cleaning: After all of the stains have been pretreated, the cloth is sprayed with a low moisture detergent and carefully wiped with a revolving brush. When the sofa has been thoroughly cleaned, the specialist vacuums the area to remove any foam residues, and your sofa cleaning service is completed.

Leather sofa cleaning: Using specialized detergents developed for this sofa type, we effectively cleaned aniline, nubuck, and preserved leather sofas. The procedure is applying the solutions mentioned above and then wiping with a cotton cloth solely to avoid damaging the leather.


If the leather is soiled, the damage may be irreversible, and the sofa cleaners may not be able to remove the stubborn stains.

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