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We place the highest priority on safety and effectiveness, from elevator installation to maintenance.

High Lite Facility Management

The Renowned and Trusted Elevator Maintenance Company in Jeddah

Experience the ultimate satisfaction of first-rate service from the leading firm in elevator Maintenance & Services Jeddah with High Lite Facility Management, the best Elevator maintenance company in Jeddah. For all kinds and models of elevators and lift in Jeddah, we offer affordable services like AMC, regular maintenance, and preventive measures. We also manage elevator construction, administration, and maintenance, guaranteeing complete solutions catered to your requirements. We are among the most reliable elevator suppliers in Jeddah as well.

Types of Maintenance Service for Elevators and Lift in Jeddah Provided by High Lite Facility Management

In the event of a failure or a breakdown, even if you have the priciest and largest elevators, you can depend on High Lite Facility Management, the preferred elevator maintenance company in Jeddah. Improve your experience by utilizing our top-of-the-line maintenance services to keep your elevator or lift in Jeddah operating smoothly and lasting a long time. From quick repairs to basic maintenance, our skilled team delivers excellence in every way possible.

elevator maintenance

Residential Lift Maintenance

We provide prompt inspections and effective maintenance to guarantee the smooth operation and safety of your home lift in Riyadh. You can arrange regular maintenance visits and get expert advice, the best part is our residential elevator maintenance are both affordable and safe.

stairlift maintenance

Maintenance on Stairlifts

The long lifespans of equipment and reasonable costs are guaranteed by our stairlift maintenance. Our specialty is maintaining the best possible condition for your stairlifts, ensuring reliability as well as safety for smooth vertical mobility.

dumbwaiter maintenance

Maintenance of Dumbwaiters

As a rule of thumb, High Lite Facility Management recommends quarterly and annual maintenance agreements. We offer maintenance services for your dumbwaiter that are reliable.


Maintenance of Wheelchair Elevators

With the help of our Wheelchair elevator Maintenance & Services Jeddah, you can guarantee accessibility and reliability. Our committed services are centered on wheelchair elevator safety and seamless operation, enabling a barrier-free mobility.


Elevator Maintenance in Hospitals

Preventive maintenance is what we do in order to keep equipment safe, long-lasting, and decrease outages. Our hospital elevator Maintenance & Services Jeddah puts dependability as well as safety first in order to meet the special needs of healthcare facilities. We offer the most reasonably priced maintenance services and you receive the best service possible thanks to our highly qualified personnel.

cargo lift maintenance

Maintenance on Cargo Lifts

Regular component inspection, lubrication, maintenance, and adjustment are given top priority. With an emphasis on the safe and effective operation of cargo lifts, our experts carefully carry out all primary and secondary maintenance, guaranteeing the effective movement of goods around your property.


Repairing Passenger Elevators

We provide routine inspections and prompt maintenance since we value the passenger lift in Jeddah, ensuring a safe and efficient operation.

escalator maintenance

Maintenance for Escalators

To ensure smoothness and keep passengers flowing and have equipment that is dependable, we have precisely thought out maintenance plans and servicing schedules in order to make your operations easier.

The Services We Provide For Elevator or Lift In Jeddah

As the cornerstone of our company’s operations, elevator Maintenance & Services Jeddah represent the core competence of High Lite Facility Management. We take great satisfaction in following values that put each customer’s individual care and attention first. Our elevator maintenance services raise the total value of your building by ensuring the efficient and long-lasting operation of your elevators or lift in Jeddah. Enhancing the overall value of your building. Being one of the best elevator maintenance companies in Jeddah we customize each service to fit the specific vertical transportation needs of different locations while ensuring optimal performance, safety, and lifespan. Put your trust in us to enhance your experience with our reliable and high-quality services.

Preventive Maintenance for Elevators

To avoid elevator repairs or malfunctions, we place a strong emphasis on consistently seeing, diagnosing, and fixing problems early on in our maintenance plan. This is what makes us one of the best elevator maintenance companies in Jeddah.

Maintenance on Elevators

  • Within the car

We perform a comprehensive inspection of the interior of the elevator car, taking note of all indication lights, leveling precision, accelerations, decelerations, door motions, and door restrictors. We make sure every part works properly and take care of any repairs that are required.

  • Outside of The Car

We investigate the door panels, lighting, hall stations, and firefighters’ tasks during this service closely and ensure that there are no issues.

  • In The Pit

We check that the lights, GPI Outlet, and stop button are all working properly. Pit cleaning is done, and leaks are checked for. We also check that the sump pump, travel cables, visible parts, and spring buffers are operating properly.

  • Above The Car

As part of this maintenance, we make sure that the inspection station and top switch are operating correctly. We check visible parts such as hoist ways, moving cables, leveling devices, guide rails, and rollers for safety.

Maintenance on Machine Room Elevators

This maintenance procedure checks parts for wear & tear, movement, and leakage. In addition to checking for overheating, oil and lubricant levels are evaluated and adjusted as necessary for electrical components.

Corrective Maintenance for Elevators

We are among the most trusted companies providing elevator Maintenance & Services Jeddah because in the event of a component failure, we always react quickly, determine what needs to be repaired or replaced, and get the equipment back up and running as soon as possible.

Elevator Testing and Examination

Maintaining the best possible operation of your elevator system requires routine testing and inspections. For all escalators and lift in Jeddah, High Lite Facility Management does comprehensive elevator inspections and offers prompt solutions for any required repairs.

How we treat our clients

Not only do we want to provide outstanding service, but we also want to establish a trustworthy relationship with our clients by understanding their problems and offering solutions that work. This helps us maintain satisfaction and our reputation as being one of the best elevator maintenance companies in Jeddah.

Get to know High Lite Facility Management and what we do

High Lite Facility Management has led the Middle East in elevator and escalator innovations for more than 15 years. We take great pride in offering our valued customers safe, high-quality products since we are dedicated to the toughest safety regulations. We are a recognized and trustworthy Elevator maintenance company in Jeddah we are well known for our prompt and reliable customer service. Our distinctive position in the business is cemented by our continual provision of cutting-edge and efficient elevator services. Through consistent innovation and trust built up over time within the industry, High Lite Facility Management has established itself as one of the best elevator maintenance companies in Jeddah. Our elevators are efficient, highly advanced in technology, efficient in terms of energy and durable. Our installation, maintenance, modernization, and repair services are reasonably priced making us one of the cheapest elevator maintenance companies Jeddah


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does your elevator maintenance consist of?

Our objectives are to evaluate the elevator’s state, identify any hazards, and provide preventative maintenance to avert malfunctions.

How long will the downtime be for your maintenance operation?

We guarantee less downtime than our competitors in the industry.

How frequently is the oil in elevators changed?

The frequency of oil changes varies; in a freight elevator, it happens twice a year, while in a commercial passenger elevator, it happens every four months and so on according to the elevator.

Does your company provide elevator maintenance that is preventive?

Yes, we provide both preventive and remedial elevator maintenance at an affordable charge.

What kind of oil is changed in elevators?

Hydraulic oil K, which incorporates anti-wear, anti-corrosion, and anti-foam chemicals with long-lasting viscosity, is utilized by High Lite Facility Management.